The financials, and business performance of the corporate is subjected to the rigorous analytics and scrutiny as carried out under a financial due diligence during a M&A activity. Our services are often utilized by VC / PE funds and holding companies to monitor the portfolio company performance, so that the investments are kept transaction ready.

  • We help you define the operational parameters which impact the financial performance [KPIs]
  • We analyse the performance of the company into its granular components to map the value drivers
  • We help you design monthly reporting pack, and budgetary control system
  • We outsource the MIS function and report to the stake holders
  • We ensure proper accounts-closing at the end of each month
  • Expansion projects of established business houses
  • Mid-sized companies with future M&A aspirations
  • Business groups with multiple entities which needs consolidation periodical intervals
  • Enterprise looking for an outsourced CFO who aspire for better professionalism in their finance team
  • Ventures that require long term hand-holding
  • Large start-ups. Ideally a project feasibility study and monitoring the implementation of the same through the project stage.
  • The top management are provided with independent financial reports every month, which is beyond the financial statements
  • Management is made aware of the financial performance, profitability, control environment and regulatory compliances and taxes
  • We look at the issues from a commercial stand-point and report back to you monthly / quarterly
  • Our report will act as an independent periodical health check on the company's operations
  • We believe in the philosophy that every business enterprise can be better managed through a rigours system of periodical and independent evaluation of its affairs covering operations, finance, accounting, and aspects of regulatory compliances
  • Our motto is to keep our clients / their portfolio companies 'Transaction ready' and to keep the management abreast of the key business issues
  • We work very closely with the top management of the company and try to talk their language while interacting with the finance team
  • We look at each engagement as a potential M&A transaction and put ourselves in the investor's shoes. In doing so, our work is designed to have the essential qualities of a due diligence review.
  • Our engagements involve a commencement phase wherein we define the scope of work through a rigorous field study, working closely with the top management. At the retainer stage, the agreed scope of work is executed at the defined intervals [monthly/quarterly]
  • We analyse the financial and other quantitative information with the objective of translating the same to speak the language that the promoter / investor wish to read.
  • Stepping away from the traditional way of financial reporting, our endeavour is to present the operational and financial performance of an enterprise in a more refined manner that would result in meaningful business insights
  • Our work often leads to reinventing the management information system [MIS] of the business, managing the financial reporting as an outsourced function, and formally reporting to the Board / investor on agreed operational / financial / and compliance matters.
  • Business analytics

    We focus on key business analytics around the key operational areas of your business [the value drivers] The analytics are decided in consultation with you and are considered for revision / upgrade at frequent intervals

    Accounting & financial information

    Ensure books of accounts are closed on a monthly / quarterly basis [with same rigour as year end closing]

    Deliverables (monthly)

    Limited due diligence report Schedule VI and financials Databook

    Taxation & regulatory compliance

    Keep the management updated about the status of regulatory compliance, under:   The Companies Act  The Income Tax Act  Indirect Tax rules